BusWatch - get bus times on your watch

BusWatch is an Android app that shows real-time transit arrival times on your bluetooth phone. Maybe it's cold and you have your gloves on. Maybe you're puttering around the house and want to keep an eye on the bus without keeping your phone out. Maybe you're walking to the bus and want to know if you should hurry or stroll. It's often super handy to have bus times right there on your wrist.

To use BusWatch, you will need the Android app "OpenWatch" available free in the Android Market.

Supported Transit Systems

Tested Android Devices

Tested Watches

Source Code

BusWatch is an open source project, which means that you don't have to wait to add a new phone, a new watch, or a new transit system. Just go to GitHub, and get your hack on.

BusWatch on GitHub


BusWatch was started by Brandon Martin-Anderson, based on work by Joe Hughes, and made possible with help from Fossil.